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The Church’s Coronavirus Response:

Along with following all common-sense precautions and government directives, here are some important ways the church can respond to the current coronavirus scenario.

REACH IN -- Please let us know your needs. We are family. As God's people we will be there for each other. Do you need assistance: e.g. shopping, supplies, childcare, etc?

REACH OUT -- to your neighbors and acquaintances through social media, etc. and ask if they have needs you can help them with. This simple act might show them the love of Christ in a practical way. Please let us know if you hear of needs the church at-large can help your neighbors with.

Pray For Our Community -- We will keep you posted of any developments.

Help For Those Affected By Addiction

Whether you are struggling with addiction, or affected by someone you love who is struggling, there is help for you.

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